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Initial Client Meeting – The Confidence Builder™

At our first meeting, the objective is to gain an understanding of where you have been, where you are today, and where you want to be in the future. Our goal is to construct a foundation of understanding and chemistry with you. You’ll leave knowing that the professionals at W3 Global Accounting have the knowledge and experience to help you on the path to success.

Analysis of Client Needs – The Trust Enhancer™

Whether you are a family-owned business or simply a family in need of financial guidance, a thorough examination of your needs will provide us with the roadmap necessary to achieve your goals. At this stage, you’ll find we are much better listeners than talkers.

Selection of Customized Solutions – The Personalized Game Plan™

No two snowflakes are alike. In the same way, every tax and accounting engagement, retirement plan and business valuation are different. Rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach, we tailor each strategy based on your time frame and desired outcomes. Let us create your financial snowflake…no shoveling required.

Implementation – The Seamless System™

Having a good plan means nothing if it can’t be properly implemented. Our primary job is to make sure our execution matches your expectations. The personal approach that we provide ensures that the correct plans are not only designed but are achieved in an efficient manner.

Ongoing Service Mandate – The Commitment Formula™

Service doesn’t stop after the initial engagement. To keep pace with the inevitable twists and turns that life throws at us, we need to stay informed. We are proactive, and keep up‐to‐date about your situation through ongoing letters, consultations and phone calls. We also strive to keep you aware of new opportunities and events, such as changes in the investment climate or tax law. After all, the information needs to flow both ways for a partnership to be successful.

Every successful organization has a logical, strategic process. Here’s what you can expect from us.

We work hard at providing objective, proactive advice to keep our clients on track to meet their goals while maintaining free-flowing communication at all times.

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