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Childcare Expenses: Budgeting for Today’s Family Unit

Many studies have been published recently about the evolving structure of today’s American family.  Among the most interesting developments, we continue to see an increasing proportion of dual-income and single parent families*.  Though some studies attempt to address the psychological aspects of these family structures, a stark reality facing families today are the financial implications.  […]

Saving for Education without Neglecting Retirement

Increasing education costs have led to young adults and their parents accumulating significant amounts of debt. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, it costs about $100,000 to attend a four-year public university, and nearly $200,000 for a private four-year school.* Even for new parents with the benefits of a longer time horizon, the […]

Idea for that Last Minute Tax Deduction

One frequently overlooked tax benefit is the “spousal IRA.” Generally, IRA contributions are only allowed for taxpayers who have compensation (the term “compensation” includes: wages, tips, bonuses, professional fees, commissions, alimony received, and net income from self-employment). Spousal IRAs are the exception to that rule and allow a non-working or low-earning spouse to contribute to […]