About W3

It started as an idea among friends.

It started as an idea among two friends. Ron Winer and Frank Bevilacqua were Accounting and Mathematics majors at The University of Akron in the late sixties. Both were avid bowlers and, in fact, Ron later turned Pro. They struck up a friendship and decided they would someday own a CPA firm together. After college, the two went their separate ways. Ron joined a CPA firm and Frank went on active duty in the U.S. Army for seven years and later started and ran a non-appropriated fund accounting office for the United States Army in Europe.

Upon Frank’s return to Akron, Ohio in 1980, he contacted his longtime friend and together they started Winer + Bevilacqua (now W3 Global Accounting). Ron and Frank’s vision for their firm was to provide a truly superior level of service to clients. That’s when they created their tagline to embody their young firm’s mission, vision and philosophy: “Nothing Less.”

Two decades later, the financial services industry began to morph into a one-stop shopping experience for consumers. Banks were selling insurance, law firms were setting up in-house units to offer investments, and accounting firms were expanding consulting services to include wealth management. With an eye to the future, Frank established W3 Wealth Management, LLC in 2001 as a wealth management and investment company which is run by his son, Frank Bevilacqua II, and Shelby Morgan.

In keeping with his vision of offering a superior level of service, he called the company W3, an acronym for wisdom, wealth and worth.
After a decade of steady growth, W3 Wealth Management applied its success formula to other firms and over the next 10 years, acquired four regional wealth management firms. Bevilacqua said, “We see this as a win-win strategy. We provide firms, whose principals are nearing retirement, an easy transition and long-term, safe haven for their valued clients and employees. On the other hand, these firms enable us to expand our service offering while providing next-generation team members a greater chance for advancement within a larger firm.”

In 2018, Winer + Bevilacqua and W3 Wealth Management joined forces to acquire their fifth enterprise, Schiffman Grow & Company and SG Financial Services, a 32-year-old, 20-member accounting and financial services practice in Worthington, Ohio. Winer + Bevilacqua changed its name to W3 Global Accounting to reflect its continuing expansion through the acquisition of other similar CPA practices in the region.

With the acquisition of Schiffman Grow, W3 Global (comprised of W3 Global Accounting and W3 Wealth Management) is now positioned as one of the largest and fastest-growing, independent business consulting and financial services practices in Ohio. Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, the company maintains offices in Akron, Warren, Beachwood and Worthington, Ohio.

Our Mission

Nothing Less is more than just two simple words. It’s what we promise to do for our clients—and what we deliver

“Nothing Less” encapsulates our business model and is our market vantage point. It represents everything we are and how we operate. In every way, “Nothing Less” is our pledge that what you get from W3 Global Accounting and W3 Wealth Management is the best of the best.

As respected industry leaders in consultative accounting, wealth management, tax, business planning, IT, retirement planning, and valuation services, we do more than just work with your numbers. We discover ways to make the numbers work for you.

Our objective is to improve performance and enhance profitability in your organization and personal finances through nothing less than the implementation of sound financial and management principles. Our staff, which includes specialists in every area of expertise relating to our multiple service areas, takes a teamwork approach by listening to our clients’ questions and problems, then taking every step necessary to ensure timely and meaningful solutions.

In all endeavors, we seek to add value to your business and personal planning through responsive, efficient, and ongoing services. By using cohesive operational principles and cultivating partnered relationships, we become an objective resource and valued part of our clients’ organizations and families to help lead them toward a brighter financial future.

Nothing less.