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At W3, we offer services designed to not only record and track your bottom line, but to improve it.

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Comprehensive Accounting & Auditing for Your Business

Comprehensive Accounting & Auditing for Your Business

When you choose W3 Global Accounting, you’ve selected a team of the sharpest, most experienced accounting minds in the business. In addition to providing a full complement of accounting and audit services, W3 Financial Group can evaluate business performance and identify areas hampering profitability and growth. We follow our evaluations with comprehensive, practical strategies and solutions that work.

Our Services

Our services extend beyond good record keeping and clear reporting to other areas of your business that you may need assistance with. Clarity in everything you do — that’s what we help you achieve.

Accounting, Compilation & Review

We manage your organization’s finances, compile statements, and provide detailed reviews to ensure that you meet professional standards.

Analysis & Enhancement of Cash Flow

We organize the money being transferred in and out of your business to eliminate confusion and errors.

Analysis of Fixed Assets

We analyze your fixed assets — whether it’s land, buildings, or equipment — to ensure continual, increased growth and financial compliance.


Our bookkeeping specialists let you get back to focusing on the revenue‐generating tasks that allow your business to thrive.

Business Insurance Analysis

We can help you understand your organization’s business insurance needs, strengths, and weaknesses.

Business Management

We lead the way in a variety of business management services, including employee payroll, strategic planning, loan origination package recommendations, and more.

Compensation, Bonus Analysis & Implementation

We help you plan proper compensation packages as well as analyze employee bonuses and how to implement them.

Development of Fair & Equitable Compensation Formulas

We develop formulas that ensure employee compensation is accurate and appropriate, and we help guide decisions for new hires.

Establishment of Credit Policies & Collection Controls

We can help your business implement secure credit policies and develop collection controls so that you are paid for the services you provide.

Employee Payroll & Direct Payment of Withholding Taxes

We can ensure that your business’s payroll is thoroughly managed and all related withholding taxes are paid in a timely fashion.

Financial Statement Preparation & Auditing

Our accounting professionals can provide the timely reports you need, such as compilations, reviews, or audits.

Forensic Accounting

Our accountants support clients who require expert witness testimony during litigation situations.

Fringe Benefit Programs Planning, Analysis & Selection

We help organizations determine whether certain fringe benefits are valuable, which to provide, and how they are used by personnel.

Location Studies & Advice on Building Ownership & Rentals

Where to operate your business is key, and we can help you find the location that’s right for you. We can also help you determine whether to purchase or rent facilities.

Recommendations for Use, Purchase & Lease of Equipment

We can help you identify the best solutions for using equipment as well as the best options for either purchasing or leasing.

Tax Audit Representation

We support you during tax audits to ensure that you are prepared, all financial documentation is organized, and you receive a positive outcome.

Meet Our Accounting Team

Our team of CPAs, business valuation analysts, and staff accountants love what they do, and they love working at W3 Financial Group. Once you meet them, we think you’ll love working with us, too.
Meet the W3 Financial Group accounting team.

Explore Our Process

We take a logical, strategic approach to help clients succeed. It begins with gaining a deep understanding of where you have been, where you are today, and where you want to be in the future.

Build a Complete Financial Picture

Whether you’re seeking meticulous accounting services or strategic wealth management, our dedicated teams are here to maintain a complete and clear financial picture for you and tailor a plan that aligns with your goals.