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A financial adviser referred W3 Global Accounting to us about 10 or 12 years ago. They currently do our accounting, year‐end statements, tax planning and provide some general consulting if we have any questions. They give us advice on anything from contracts to day‐to‐day business operations. And we’ve recently started having them do our tech support. They have a lot of medical experience and their employees really know the industry. They’re a good “one‐stop” firm. They can advise you on your industry, on government regulation items and technology. They really put the extra time into developing a relationship. They don’t just close your books and be done with you. They get to know your business and people to help you grow and improve.

Jeremiah SawyerOffice Administrator for Mark Lang, M.D.

An associate recommended us to W3 Global Accounting about 15 to 20 years ago. They currently provide all of our accounting, payroll and 401(k) profit sharing services for our dental office and our two other businesses, as well as for us personally. They’ve done a practice valuation for us, too. They’ve always been highly communicative — they email and call us to remind us about things and give us advice. Everything they provide is done professionally and looks professional. They’re highly professional yet personable. That’s not always easy to find in the same organization. They make you feel like you’re the only client they have.

Becky SuglioJohn D. Suglio, DDS, Inc.

One of our employees knew Michael Fresh and referred W3 Technology Services to us, so that’s how we started with them. They have responsibility for our entire computer network — from purchasing hardware to making sure that it all works and everything between. We’re a small company, and it’s a pleasure arriving in the morning knowing with confidence that all of our IT is running quietly in the background. With our system fully functional, we then can concentrate on our business at hand without worry. They’re there for us all the time and it’s been beneficial to have that kind of superb service.  Michael is extremely knowledgeable and responsible; he brings his “can do” responsiveness to any situation that may arise.

Stephen MakaraCC Supply

When I was a resident physician at Akron General, Ron Winer put on some education programs for us regarding financial planning. When I started my own practice, I called him to set up our accounting.  Nowadays, they do our tax return preparation, accounting, and bookkeeping. It’s a relationship of trust.  We’ve been with W3 Global Accounting for close to 30 years, and things have always been done correctly. They’re like a family business — much like my own. Ron and Frank take good care of their clients and their team does a great job. We have a great deal of confidence in them.

Kenneth Davis, M.D.J. Kenneth Davis, M.D.

I was introduced to W3 Global Accounting in early 1982. They currently do my accounting and advisory services. Not only do they give me accurate information regarding my historical performance, but they also help me look out into the future and navigate a course for success. They’re accountants with ideas.  They can think creatively and prospectively, and they have a good knowledge of where the laws and industry are heading.

John RasnickHanna Rasnick Evanchan Palmisano Hobson & Fox, LLC

A personal friend with an OB/GYN practice worked with Ron Winer. He spoke highly of Ron, and so we signed with them. They currently do my bookkeeping, corporate tax returns, and my personal tax returns. I appreciate the personalized service and prompt response times — they’re just a phone call away and always call me back the same day. We work with Mr. Ron Winer and Mr. Dan Mishler at the firm who are both very professional and knowledgeable. I enjoy our relationship and I tremendously value their advice and help.

Rajiv Gupta, M.D.Zanesville Pediatrics, Inc.

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