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We enhance your IT department by ensuring you retain control over your network at all times, and quickly regain control in emergency situations.

Hardware + Software + Networking + IT Solutions

Whether you require a fully managed solution such as hardware acquisition and repair, or a consulting option that provides you with recommendations for streamlined reliability, W3’s Technology Services can give you everything you need to keep your IT department running smoothly.

Our Technology Services is an industry leader in providing nothing less than the best computer network solutions for businesses through technology consulting, installations, migrations, upgrades, procurement and support services. We streamline organizations’ information technology services, so they run more efficiently, operate more securely and function with longevity.

Our team has expertise in everything from hardware and software to networking and general IT solutions, including Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers. We work with many types of organizations ranging from healthcare practitioners to small restaurants. Regardless of your size and industry, W3 Technology Services can provide a customized array of services to suit your company’s needs as well as your technology budget.

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We offer a full line of Technology Services for businesses and medical practices.

Technology Services

Technology Services

Managed Services

Installation & Setup for Peachtree™ Accounting Software

We can integrate Peachtree into your organization so you can start taking advantage of its capabilities right away.

Installation & Setup for QuickBooks™ Accounting Software

We can install QuickBooks accounting software so you can start managing finances effectively and efficiently.

Network Support

It’s important that you keep your network operational, streamlined and efficient, and our Technology Services is available to ensure it stays that way. Whether through remote assistance or in-person troubleshooting, we are here to bring any problem to resolution.

Disaster Recovery, Backup & Repair

As a medical practice, you need to have easy and rapid access to important medical records and documentation — even if disasters threaten to take your system down. Our managed services can give you the reliability you need to keep this important material secure.

Network Assessment, Review & Security

We can help you keep your network secure, functional and running smoothly through a variety of reviews and assessment services.

Peachtree™ & QuickBooks™ Integration

We can work with you to get these valuable financial software packages integrated into your business so you can start enjoying their benefits immediately.

Remote Assistance & Troubleshooting

With our remote assistance capabilities, you no longer have to count the hours and minutes until help arrives.

Consulting Services

Ongoing Support for Peachtree™ Accounting Software

We can provide you with advice, suggestions and support so you can get the most out of your Peachtree software.

Ongoing Support for QuickBooks™ Accounting Software

Need support for QuickBooks? We have QuickBooks Pro Advisors that can help

Network Evaluation

We can evaluate your system and ensure that it’s where it needs to be to keep your organization successful.

Planning, Analysis & Project Review

We can help your organization plan, analyze and review various IT-related projects.

Hardware & Software Acquisition Consulting & Analysis

Thinking about acquiring some new equipment or programs? We can advise you on the right hardware and software according to your needs.

Microsoft® Certified System Engineer Support

Have specific technical questions? Our Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers provide clients with nothing less than the best solutions for your Microsoft machines and programs.

Computer & Systems Feasibility Analysis & Procurement

We can help you determine what’s right for your business and analyze its suitability, as well as how to acquire it.

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What Clients Are Saying About W3 Technology Services

I would absolutely recommend W3 Global Accounting Tech Services! At a time when our office was experiencing changes that required immediate attention, they were able to step in, understand our priorities, offer helpful advice and complete the task. They have had to coordinate with other representatives that we use and have done so willingly and courteously. Our questions and requests have been responded to in a timely, effective manner. W3’s Tech Services has always portrayed to our office a desire to serve and meet our needs. I am thankful for the work they do for us.

Vicky ShenkRheumatology Consultants

W3 Global Accounting Technology Services has been providing support for our business for the last year and a half. The service has been outstanding. I have been impressed with their immediate response and knowledge to keep my system up and running smoothly. WB Technology Services is a great asset for a business requiring outside tech support.

Laurie SimonWRSC Acquisition Group, LLC

Mike Fresh has been ‘Johnny on the spot.’ As a busy family doctor, I do not have the time or expertise to troubleshoot computer hiccups. Within a few minutes of a phone call, Mike can access my computer remotely from his office. He will then work quickly to diagnose and fix any computer/network problems. Mike and Lenny Winer are smart, professional, honest and dependable. I would recommend their services to other colleagues.

Dr. David Keith D.O.Private Practice Physician

I have had the pleasure of working with Lenny Winer at W3 Global Accounting Technology Services for over five years. His responsiveness to my technology issues and his patience with my staff’s varied levels of computer experience has been an asset to my organization. W3’s Technology Services is a vital part of my corporation’s infrastructure. Without this support, it would directly impact our ability to achieve our daily mission of providing the highest quality care to our patients.

Sheila Tonn‐Knopf, MHAFormer Practice Administrator, Summit Pain Specialists, Inc.

One of our employees knew Michael Fresh and referred W3 Global Accounting Technology Services to us, so that’s how we started with them. They have responsibility for our entire computer network — from purchasing hardware to making sure that it all works and everything between. We’re a small company, and it’s a pleasure arriving in the morning knowing with confidence that all our IT is running quietly in the background. With our system fully functional, we then can concentrate on our business at hand without worry. They’re there for us all the time and it’s been beneficial to have that kind of superb service. Michael Fresh is extremely knowledgeable and responsible; he brings his “can do” responsiveness to any situation that may arise.

Stephen MakaraC.C. Supply Co.

In my previous practice, W3’s Technology Services took over handling our hardware support, and that’s how our relationship began. Mike Fresh and his team started on a Monday and by Tuesday were already solving problems for us. When I started my new medical practice from scratch, I knew Mike would cover all the bases. He took care of buying the computers, printers, and scanners, along with setting up our network and phone systems. Pretty much anything electronic he did and did fantastically. His team is extremely reliable, comprehensive and conscientious. They want to be there to help, and if something goes wrong,” they’re ready to solve the problem.

Dr. Mark Lang, MDPrivate Practice Physician

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