Uncertain how your financial goals will keep pace with the changing economic landscape?

Our Advisors, Shelby Morgan, Steve Catalano, and Frank Bevilacqua II share their expertise on the subject with Akron Life Magazine. View their feature to learn more about how your financial goals should keep pace with the ever-changing economic landscape.

“We realize that uncertainty is one of the biggest stressors we face in life. Although there is much uncertainty in the world that is unavoidable, especially now, we believe that by educating and communicating with our clients, we can reduce the uncertainty they have about how and why their money is organized and invested.

We work hard at providing objective, proactive advice to keep our clients on track to meet their goals and address potential challenges such as tax changes and inflation. We found that meeting regularly to discuss our client’s wealth is the key to helping them achieve peace of mind.”

Steve Catalano, Shelby Morgan, Frank Bevilacqua II, CPA & CFP
Steve Catalano, Shelby Morgan, Frank Bevilacqua II, CPA & CFP

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